Available soon! 3 new creations for the body !

These novelties will extend the Delight collection from facial to body cares

 ‘La Sultane de Saba’ brand is born out of a dream… a dream of sharing and generosity… a dream of escape and traveling… a dream of ancestral tradition.

Through its authentic and original products; through its body treatments available in a dazzling array of fragrances and colors, La Sultane de Saba’s is like a travel diary where creativity goes with discovery…

Our Eastern Journey with amber, musk and sandalwood scents captivates and enchants … This products line is a a way to travel towards the heart of the Mystic East, following the footstep of the millennium beauty rituals, where tradition meets sensoriality.

With our Journey of Delights the Orange Blossom scent, fresh and delicate is perfect to relax both body and spirit. Its enchanting notes of citrus fruit are part of oriental women traditions.

The Darjeeling Journey? Green tea has been one of the beauty secrets of Asian women since the dawn of time. Ginger, a spice of mystery, with a sweet and peppery scent releases its invigorating properties in harmony with the ones of green tea.

The Journey of Delights is a wave of fragrances…All Polynesian massage rituals owe their effectiveness in the richness of nature surrounding the marvellous islands. La Sultane de Saba has chosen the tiare flower for its exotic perfume and aloe vera for its repairing and moisturizing benefits.

Our Spice Route is transporting you to the discovery of the Ayurveda, ancestral Indian medicine, with marvelous and intense notes. Inherited from traditions, it is a spiritual journey into thousand fragrances.

The journey is yours to live! Bon Voyage!

The Eastern Journey

The “Eastern Journey” collection, a reminiscence of the Oriental fragrances through marvelous scents of amber, musk and sandalwood.

Spice Collection

The spice route

Japanese Collection

Japanese Journey

The collection “Japanese Journey” with the delicate scent of lotus and neroli reminds us of the charms and beauty of the land of The Rising Sun…

Delights Collection

Journey of Delights

The “Journey of Delights” collection focuses on orange blossom, with amazing sunny and full-bloom scents, a real enchantment of the senses!

Islands Collection

Journey to the Vanilla Islands

Our Journey to the islands invites you to discover scented waves with a taste of beauty and adornment that capture paradise

Darjeeling Collection

Journey to Darjeeling

The “Route de Darjeeling” collection with its velvety green tea, the spicy character of ginger, brings a feel of ravishing charms and enchanting delights !

Malaysian Collection

Journey to the Malaysian Route

The collection “Journey to the Malaysian Route”, a blend of tropical flowers and jasmine each product diffuses generous and sweet notes.

Udaipur Collection

Journey to the Udaipur Route

The “Journey of Delights” is a collection guaranteed and certified 100% vegan, a marvelous collection to discover!


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